As a life coach I talk to people about some pretty heavy stuff sometimes. Occasionally there are tears. And inevitably when there are tears I hear things like, “I’m sorry for crying” or “I’m sorry I got so emotional”.

But I encourage crying because crying is actually really, REALLY good for us. It is a 100% natural, built-in biological mechanism that lowers stress, kills pain, and improves mood as well a host of other benefits.

To find out more about the hard science behind some of our softer moments watch my video:

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Whenever I’m in need of a good cry, Steel Magnolias is my guaranteed, go-to, ugly-cry movie. I defy you to watch this scene and not completely lose your shit:



And since crying is clearly so good for us, I would love it if you would share your favourite tear-jerker movie (or book) recommendations with me in the comments below. And feel free to share happy tear-jerkers too. After all…

“Laughter through tears is my favourite emotion.”

Weep on my lovelies…weep on…