That Can Get You In Some Shit

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desire to please    

music for Nasty Women

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Music for nasty women

Hans Christian Anderson wrote, “Where words fail, music speaks“.

I had so many feels during this weekend’s Women’s March that I was inspired to put together this playlist of music for Nasty Women.

I hope you enjoy it!

Nasty Woman Playlist-5

All these amazing songs are available here on Apple Music.

Got more suggestions for me to add to the playlist? I would seriously love to hear ‘em. Leave your suggestions in the comments section below or email ‘em to me.



We can change the world.

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5 gifts you can feel good to give this year

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I love to shop and I’m always on the look out for cool gifts made by cool people. So this holiday season I want to share with you some of my favourite “gifts with soul” made by folks I love and respect…

Pathfinders Toys:

Da Vinci Catapult

Da Vinci Catapult

Da Vinci Ornithopter

Da Vinci Ornithopter

These toys are designed by my neighbour and bee-keeping mentor, Derek Wulf. Derek has designed these compelling, innovative, wooden science kits so that they challenge children (of all ages) to explore the link between science, design, and technology in the world around us.  The kits are fun to build and are just stunning once complete. They’re a great gift for kids, young and old.

Plus, Pathfinders donates 1% of their sales to protecting critical habitat areas for plants and animals. How cool is that?!












My friend and talented writer/photographer/entrepreneur, Ehren Seeland, is the Founder and Creative Director behind Hecho, a curated emporium featuring ethically sourced handmade works that serve as the intersection of contemporary design and traditional artisan processes. Ehren has carefully hand-picked local artisans in Mexico and Guatemala to serve as her collaborative partners. She only works with incredibly hardworking, knowledgeable and creative individuals who are dedicated to their respective crafts, and upholding family and cultural traditions. Did I mention how beautiful her stuff is?! The pom-poms! Squeeeee!

Erhen is committed to transparency and ethical sourcing practices in her business making her gifts are the ultimate in feel-good giving.

My Dream Analysis Experience:

give-the-gift-of-insight-5Okay, file this one under “shameless self promotion” but I really do think this is a very cool gift. Every time I do Dream Analysis with someone I am amazed at what comes through. Our dreams are like a window into our souls and they come bearing answers, insights, and wisdom.  So if you want to give that special someone something a little different this year, consider giving them a peak into their subconscious.





Brian Froud’s Faerie Oracle Cards:


These are my absolute favourite oracle cards on the planet! Not only is the artwork stunningly gorgeous but the write up for each card is eerily accurate. There must be some genuine faerie magic in these cards because somehow the you always hear just what you need to from the faeries (it may not always be what you want to be hear but that’s also part of the magic of these cards). Bloomin’ faeries!






Diana, Herself:

81qciqsksklDiana, Herself is my mentor, Martha Beck’s, latest book and it is magical! It is an allegory about a single mom living in Los Angeles, who is poor, and possibly going crazy (she’s not entirely sure). Diana gets swept up in the life of the wrong guy, Roy Richardson, a celebrity life coach, an ego manic, and her new boss. Roy leads Diana into the wilds of the Sierra Madres only to abandon her. Diana quickly finds herself lost, alone, and dying. Her only hope for survival is to put her faith in a spirit guide that comes to her in the form of a winged pig. Diana must awaken to the truth of life by embracing her own bewilderment.

Martha’s signature wit, depth, and gentleness allows us to see ourselves in Diana and shows us the way back to our own truth, self-respect, and wildness. Diana, Herself does not disappoint.    

Give a different kind of gift this year…

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This isn’t your mother’s Dream Book shenanigans. And there’s not one whiff of Dr. Freud to be found.

My dream analysis experience is super fun, quite fascinating, and a *little* different than you might expect.

People’s dreams are full of symbols and imagery but only the dreamer actually knows what they truly mean.

This means I never dictate to a dreamer. I act as guide, scribe, and facilitator but the dreamer is always the one steering the ship.

*hand on heart* This type of dream analysis is an amazing experience. I love doing this type of analysis because dreams are a window into every aspect of our lives and our dreams always have something to tell us.

So if you are looking for an interesting gift for that special someone on your list, why not give them the chance to have a chat with their inner self?

Because no one needs more “stuff” for Christmas, but everyone’s dreams come bearing gifts.

Click here to purchase.


5 Senses Meditation

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I love the Fall. It is my favourite time of year. Not least because October is my birthday month. But also pumpkins, dress-up, and scary movies! What’s not to love?

In honour of my favourite time of year and just because I love you guys, I have a little gift for you.

I made a recording of one of my favourite meditations just for you. It is called the 5 Senses Meditation. Clickyclick my cassette tape to experience the magic:


This is a meditation that brings your awareness to each of your 5 senses, one at a time, in order to experience coming fully into your body.The reason I love this meditation because as human being we are, first and foremost, biological creatures. We are physical bodies with sensations. There is a natural wisdom in those sensations that can help us make our way through life by uncovering our deepest truths and by connecting us to our true selves.

The modern world is obsessed with the thinking, with logic, and with language. We use our minds to block the many of signals we get from our bodies in order to be able to exist in this world or crowded subways, cubicle farms, and information overload. This meditation is a chance to step outside of the thinking mind and to experience the wonder of reconnecting with the more ancient wisdom of our bodies as sensory animals.

Feel free to share this recording (that said, I’d love a nod of acknowledgement with any shares. But you’d do that anyways {natch!} because are a delightfully civilized and well-mannered beastie, tell me where I’m wrong).


Love you,





Belief Box Workshop October 30th, 2016 in Victoria, BC

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  • Are you ever weighed down by worries you feel powerless to change?
  • Do you want to cultivate more gratitude in your life?
  • Would you like to feel more connected to The Universe?

Try a Belief Box…

A Belief Box is a deceptively simple solution to your worry, an always-available go-to when you need help, & the perfect physical place to express your heartfelt thanks.

Join me and Margot Duteau for an afternoon of crafting & connection with the divine.

In this fun and inspiring workshop, you will create your very own personalized Belief Box and learn to let go of anxiety & lean into the mystery!

Space is limited, claim your spot here, by emailing or by calling 250-478-2347.


Fuck ups & Shame Spirals

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My name’s Jude. { Hi, Jude! } 
I am a recovering perfectionist.

I hate making mistakes… I know nobody enjoys making a mistake but I reeeeally, really don’t like it.

I used to avoid trying anything new, like driving, playing sports, and cake-decorating because I knew I was going to suck at it initially.

But I also know that it was my perfectionism that made me so miserable for so many years. It sucked all the joy out of huge swaths of my life.

Perfectionism kept me small, and it kept me scared. Eww!

So now I walk a different path…the path of an imperfect human.

Here’s how I handled a recent screw up:



Making mistakes still doesn’t feel good, but do you know what? It always feel better than scared and small.

May you always find the courage to try and fail,









I say yes…

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Do a Downie…while you still can.

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I don’t know if you got the chance to catch The Tragically Hip concert on the CBC last weekend. If you didn’t I highly recommend checking it out (it is available to stream here).

photo by Gerry Kahrmann/PostmediaIn May, The Hip’s front man, Gordon Downie, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an incredibly aggressive form of brain cancer. He learned that his life and his career would be cut short. But Downie and his bandmates did not decry his fate. Instead they chose to celebrate his life with one final tour. Last weekend’s concert was the last.

If you aren’t Canadian or if you are but have lived under a rock for the past two decades…The Tragically Hip are Canada’s band. They are our de facto poet laureates, they are our musical metaphysicians, and they set the soundtrack of this country’s soul for the past 20+ years.

Last Saturday’s performance was inspiring even if you have never followed the band. The story is a unique one.

How many of us will be given the heads up on our own death? How many of us will be given the opportunity to do the thing we love the most in the world and to know, going in, that it will be our last? How many of us will get to attend our own wake?

I can only imagine that Gordon Downie was incredibly present during Saturday’s performance. I saw him revel in the joy and I saw him rage against the end. I cried along with him and all I could think of was, what an incredible gift.


In honour of Gord, here are some questions for you to ponder in the coming weeks:

  • If you knew 2016 was to be your last year on earth, what would you choose to celebrate in your life? How would you choose to spend that time?
  • What would you notice about the mundane tasks in your life (washing the dishes, driving to the store, feeding your pets, etc) if you knew you were doing them for the last time?
  • If you knew your time was finite, who would you chose to spend your remaining time with? Who’s energy would you choose to avoid? Who would you wish to be more open-hearted with? Who would you kiss goodbye full on the mouth?


I used to work as a palliative care nurse and it was my dying patients who inspired the work I do now. When people come face-to-face with their own death they get crystal clear about what they have, who they love, and what they want to accomplish before they go. And none of us are getting out of here alive, so why not be a little more Gordon Downie this week?

Call your mother. Hug your mailman. Eat the pie.

No dress rehearsal. This is our life.