I love the Fall. It is my favourite time of year. Not least because October is my birthday month. But also pumpkins, dress-up, and scary movies! What’s not to love?

In honour of my favourite time of year and just because I love you guys, I have a little gift for you.

I made a recording of one of my favourite meditations just for you. It is called the 5 Senses Meditation. Clickyclick my cassette tape to experience the magic:


This is a meditation that brings your awareness to each of your 5 senses, one at a time, in order to experience coming fully into your body.The reason I love this meditation because as human being we are, first and foremost, biological creatures. We are physical bodies with sensations. There is a natural wisdom in those sensations that can help us make our way through life by uncovering our deepest truths and by connecting us to our true selves.

The modern world is obsessed with the thinking, with logic, and with language. We use our minds to block the many of signals we get from our bodies in order to be able to exist in this world or crowded subways, cubicle farms, and information overload. This meditation is a chance to step outside of the thinking mind and to experience the wonder of reconnecting with the more ancient wisdom of our bodies as sensory animals.

Feel free to share this recording (that said, I’d love a nod of acknowledgement with any shares. But you’d do that anyways {natch!} because are a delightfully civilized and well-mannered beastie, tell me where I’m wrong).


Love you,