I help failing perfectionists and people-pleasers quit “should”-ing on themselves so they can open their hearts to the deliciously sloppy joy of real life.

I work with women who want their lives to mean something.

I work with women who yearn for a clear sense of direction in life but are often too tired, too stressed, or too scared to figure out what that is. They get bogged down by doubt and indecision and their lives just tick by.

If you are ready to start living your life on purpose instead of on autopilot, I am the coach for you.

I connect women to their courage, inspiration, and confidence so they can take their lives from “meh” to magical!

This is my invitation to you...

Have a powerful conversation with me. That’s it.

Just one conversation, because Sweetheart…life is way too fucking long to live a life you don’t completely adore. I will set aside whatever amount of time that it takes because I want you to discover what a huge difference even a small amount of coaching can make in your life. I want you to understand that the only thing standing between you and the life you long for…is this moment right here.


**By the way, I never charge for these discovery sessions and you’ll never EVER feel pressured to sign up. Not only are pressure sales tactics super icky (and so not my style), but I only work with clients are 100%, no-doubt-about-it, “Abso-FREAKIN-lutely!” positive about working with me too. So don’t sweat it.**