Hi, my name’s Jude and I am a recovering people-pleaser and perfectionist.

In the past, when I was unhappy, I thought it was because I wasn’t perfect.

The more unhappy I was, the harder I pushed for perfection. If only I were thinner, trendier, smarter, wife-ier…then, THEN! I would be happy. You can imagine how that turned out… I ended up exhausted and miserable. The problem with perfection is that it’s like the horizon…you can never actually get there.

When I think back to those days of never feeling good enough, what I remember is feeling like I was at the exact limit of holding my breath; I either take in a lungful and drown in the oily, heavy self-loathing I was living in or I could struggle to the surface and gasp. The real me pulled the plug on my “perfect life” and now I can breathe again. 🙂

So here I am, elbow deep in the sloppiness of an imperfect life and loving it!


look farIn addition to being a Master Certified life coach, I am also a registered nurse.

I started my career as a Palliative care nurse, working with people on their deathbeds. From my palliative patients I learned that people who have come to the end of their lives have an incredibly low tolerance for bullshit. They dont’t have the time or the energy for people, thoughts, or situations that don’t serve them. When time is precious, it gets very easy to figure out what’s important, and what’s just noise.

It was incredibly inspiring.

I became a life coach to help people figure that stuff out BEFORE they get to the end of their life. I help people tune out the noise and answer two really important questions:

What do you want more of in your life… and what do you want less of?

Then I help you get the hell out of your own way so you can create a life that you love.

Are you ready to get off the hamster-wheel of perfectionism and people pleasing? (Don’t worry, I’ll spot you during the dismount).

Well then, let’s get started…

Here’s who I am:

in essence...

They say you can know someone by what they love.

Here’s what I love (by the numbers)…

  • Hot Wings vs Pancakes 84%
  • Hoppy vs Sour 11%
  • Tolkien vs Rowling 42%
  • The Hulk vs Superman 97%
  • Rumi vs Einstein 64%
  • Starlight vs First Light 48%
  • Affection vs Sarcasm 74%
  • Misty Rain vs Blazing Sun 76%

in experience...

What a strange & wonderful journey it has been…

  • It was my honour to complete my life coach training with the incredibly wise and illuminating Martha Beck in 2013.
  • In 2015, I went on to earn my Master Coach Certification with Martha Beck and have accrued thousands of hours of coaching with clients from all walks of life, from all over the globe.
  • In addition to being a Master Coach, I am also Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of British Columbia.
  • I have served as an online learning facilitator with The Chopra Center.
  • I have had the honour of speaking for Nurse Next Door, UBC Division of Dermatology, and Sooke Women In Business.
  • One of my great passions in life is writing. My work has been featured on Huff Post, MindBodyGreen, elephant journal, Acupuncture Today, and more…

in my element...

Where my heart lives and my soul rests…

  • I live in a cozy tree house in a misty forest on the West coast of Vancouver Island.
  • I share my den with my Hubs, our baby-puppy, and two murderous house-kittens.
  • The book room in my house (I wouldn’t be so uppity as to call it a “library”) is bursting at the seams with more additions arriving every week.
  • I am an introvert with a social streak.
  • All my letters and numbers have a gender (That’s weird, right? Well…that’s me!).
  • I am dyslexic which makes me a very creative speller.
  • I have never met a two-egg breakfast I didn’t adore.
  • Wool is my favourite fabric.
  • My day would not be complete without a soak in my roll-top tub.

There. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

Got questions? Ask away! jude@judetemple.com