My name’s Jude. { Hi, Jude! } 
I am a recovering perfectionist.

I hate making mistakes… I know nobody enjoys making a mistake but I reeeeally, really don’t like it.

I used to avoid trying anything new, like driving, playing sports, and cake-decorating because I knew I was going to suck at it initially.

But I also know that it was my perfectionism that made me so miserable for so many years. It sucked all the joy out of huge swaths of my life.

Perfectionism kept me small, and it kept me scared. Eww!

So now I walk a different path…the path of an imperfect human.

Here’s how I handled a recent screw up:



Making mistakes still doesn’t feel good, but do you know what? It always feel better than scared and small.

May you always find the courage to try and fail,