When I have clients who are getting married I notice they often struggle with the incredible pressures that a wedding frequently creates.

Heart Hands-2

      • Why are we fighting about stupid stuff? Isn’t this supposed to be the happiest time of our lives?
      • How do I politely tell my future mother-in-law to bud out?
      • But “everyone else” had <enter cool/trendy/expensive wedding extra here> at their wedding!
      • I feel sick to my stomach when I think about my speech/my dress fitting/my credit card/the seating plan.
      • Why didn’t we just elope?

I can relate. I literally made myself sick with worry over my own wedding back in the day.
This got me to thinking… how would my Big Day have been different if I’d had some coaching support during that time?


So I have put together a coaching package called Getting to “I Do”.

 Getting to “I Do” is specifically tailored to help Brides/Grooms-to-be navigate the stress of The Big Day so that the happily-ever-after can start right away.

Getting to I Do

You’ll learn:

      • How to set healthy boundaries with your family, your vendors, and your fiancé.
      • What you and your fiancé want your big day to be about and how to stay focused on that!
      • What to do when communication breaks down.
      • How to wrangle your fears so you can enjoy the journey.
      • What to do when your inner perfectionist starts “should’ing on you.
      • How to lay a solid foundation of trust and communication that you can build a marriage on.

I am looking for 2-3 individuals to help me beta test this new program FOR FREE.

Here is what I’m offering: one 6o-minute coaching session every two weeks over a period of three months FREE OF CHARGE in exchange for honest feedback and a testimonial (ONLY if you feel inclined to give one) at the end of the process.

If you know of anyone who is due to be married this year and who might appreciate some free coaching, I would love it if you could pass on my information. They can contact me via email at Jude at JudeTemple dot com, or by phone/text at 604-961-4714.