What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

So what is Life Coaching anyway?

Coaching is one part deep questioning, one part careful listening, and one part intuition. But all the answers will come from you. I’m just here to help you uncover the solutions and capability you already have inside you.

Getting coached is about always having someone in your corner. It is probably the only relationship you’ll ever have that is honestly and happily 100% about you. I’m here for you and I’ve got your back with no hidden agenda and no expectations.

You are enough, just as you are.

I’m already positive that you possess all the resources, strength and talent you need to create the life you want. My job is to get you to see that too. My eyes aren’t clouded by all those should’s, gotta’s, have-to’s and yeah-but’s that are swirling around your head, keeping you from your right life. I’m going to point them out so we can shut them down.

Then you get to stand in the absence of those should’s and create your ideal life.

Design Your Ideal Life

Together we’ll get really clear about what your best life looks like for you and then we’ll go after it! I’m not talking about that life your mother, your friends or your boss thinks you should want…I’m talking about the life that lights you up and rings every bell you have (maybe even ones you didn’t know you had)!

I’ll be there to help you figure out all the turtle steps along the path to your destination and I’m gonna keep you accountable. There will be no ducking out, no yeah-but’s and no “I’ll do it next week”. And just so you know…I’m not afraid to call bullshit when I smell it and I will give you a gentle shove towards your best life when it’s called for. ;)

I am the antidote to your excuses and the slayer of your saboteur!

Bring it on!

What Life Coaching is NOT!

Life Coaching is not counselling.

I will not be telling you what I think you should do. How could I? You’re the only person who knows what’s really going to work best for you.

Life Coaching is not therapy.

I will not be interpreting your dreams for you. I will not be analyzing your childhood or investigating your aversion to clowns. We will discuss any or all of those things but only YOU will know what your fear of floppy shoes means to you.

Sound Good?

Then let’s get started…

Ready to Make it Happen?

Buckle up! You're in for an empowering joyride of discovery and destiny.